Currently under construction is 100 MW and more of 50 MW till the end of the year.

At the development stage there are projects with the total capacity of more than 100 MW. Operational objective of the company is construction and operation of solar power plants with 1 GW capacity.

Operations and Maintanance

Independent and flexible company structure together with a well-coordinated team ensure prompt, reliable and efficient solutions.

Sale of SPP

Qualitative legal support of projects, provided both by own specialists and leading international law firms, contributes win-win agreements for counterparties.

SPP Professional management and management consulting

Professional team with more than 10 years of experience and proven implemented projects.

ะกonstruction and turn-key project preparation

Integrated approach by one team service performance, including project planning, engineering, management and exit options.

Financial support

Selection and provision of effective financial solutions.

Tenders organization

Search and selection of projects for financing, analysis of project investment attractiveness  according to investor's expectations.

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